Awnings are a popular and practical way to protect shop windows, balconies, terraces and verandas from direct sunlight, rain or other natural phenomena. Nevertheless, awnings also decorate the image of the building. They are attached to the outside of windows or doors. Awning covers are made from durable materials such as canvas, vinyl or metal.
Awnings are valued for their functionality and practicality. They can be unfolded and unfolded by a handle or by using an electric motor. Rolled up awnings are almost invisible on the facade of the building, and when unfolded they create the desired shade. Expandable awnings are multifunctional, so they are widely used not only in the summer outdoor terraces of cafes and restaurants, but also in private homes.


  • Convenient control with remote control or handle
  • Protects from sun, rain and other nature phenomena
  • Durable materials and durability
  • Wide range of fabrics
  • Improves building image

Production time:

from 5 to 10 work days


We can advise both when choosing awnings and combining them with the interior.



After coordinating the time, we arrive at the customer’s home with product samples.



Our craftsmen can come to your home to install the purchased items.


Our craftsmen can come to your home to repair and make corrections.

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