Cornices, rails

Stylish curtain cornices can complement the interior. We can offer cornices in various colors, shapes and styles, from conventional to modern electric cornices. When purchasing cornices, their color should be combined with curtains or other details of the room. However, it is usually chosen to combine with curtains, thus preventing the tightening of the interior and attention from directing important details to the ceiling. However, if you still decide to turn cornices into an interior accent, dark cornices are perfect for a bright room.
Our experienced team of experts is always ready to advise, help you choose the right cornices and match them to the curtains and the interior of the room.

Wide assortment:

  • Classic cornices
  • Modern cornices
  • Electric cornices
  • Ceiling cornices
  • Wall cornices
  • Curtain rails


We can advise both when choosing cornices and combining them with the interior.



After coordinating the time, we arrive at the customer’s home with product samples.



Our craftsmens can come to your home to install the purchased eaves.

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