Mosquito nets

The net is the simplest, most popular and probably the most effective way to protect yourself from mosquitoes, flies, bees and other annoying insects. It also protects you from fluff, petals and dust.
We can adapt the net to any type of window or door. We offer several different versions of nets: net – frame, net – roller blind, net – door fixed with magnets, perfect for balcony doors, and pleated net that can be conveniently pushed to the side.

Wide assortment:

  • Net - frame
  • Net - roller blind
  • Net - door
  • Pleated net

Pagaminimo terminas:

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Net - frame

Net - roller blind

Pleated net


We can advise both when choosing nets and combining them with the interior.


After coordinating the time, we arrive at the customer’s home with product samples.


Our craftsmen can come to your home to install the purchased nets.

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