Curtains not only add coziness and beauty, but also provide privacy and protection from sunlight. We provide all the services you need, from a designer consultation to help you choose the best curtain style, fabric and color, to hanging and washing, so your curtains always look perfect!
We offer a wide selection of curtains for every space in your home or office. It doesn’t matter whether it’s cozy curtains for the bedroom, elegant curtains for the living room, playful curtains for the children’s room or a solid solution for the office.
We can also offer vertical curtains, which are rapidly becoming popular, and various decorative curtains that will add style and charm to any space. You will be able to choose from a variety of designs and patterns!

Wide assortment:

  • Daytime curtain
  • Night curtains
  • Curtains for the bedroom
  • Curtains for the kitchen
  • Curtains for the living room
  • Children's curtains
  • Decorative curtains
  • Vertical curtains
  • Curtains by special order
Investing in quality curtains will undoubtedly add style and coziness to your home. Contact or visit our showroom and we will help you choose curtains and renew your interior!


We advise when choosing curtains and help match them to the interior.


After coordinating the time, we arrive at the customer’s home with product samples.


Our experienced designers will suggest the most suitable fabrics and prepare sketches.


Our craftsmen can come to your home to hang purchased curtains.


Our experienced tailors will take into account all your wishes.


We unhang, wash and hang clean curtains back.

Vertical curtains

Fast-growing vertical curtains are perfect for any interior. This unique design combines the features of vertical blinds and curtains, making it the perfect combination of functionality and fashion. Vertical curtains are controlled by a handle or a remote control, and they can also be opened in any place. This cannot be done with ordinary curtains.
Vertical curtains are designed for people who love innovation, luxury, comfort and exclusivity. It is a modern choice that emphasizes elegance and gives the home softness and privacy.


  • Convenient control with remote control or handle
  • Adjustable 180 degrees at any angle
  • Each bar can be hung separately

Production time:

from 5 to 10 work days

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